FATHER OF 600 ORPHANS Sarvodayam Kurian’s area of operation, for his humanity, towards orphans were initially confined within the Ernakulam District , which then went and spread beyond. Even the media, especially news papers and magazines, did not grudge their whole hearted support of Kurian’s selfless service for humanity. Read More
    RECOGNITIONS Sarvodayam Kurian was the recipient of several awards local, state, central and overseas. Kurian was a regular guest in all functions of the society and at family events with or without invitation. He always made sure to speak a few words in appreciation. Read More>>
    SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT Kurian was very active in the time of natural calamities, irrespective of the region. For him, action was instant. Collection of food, dress, medicines anything else of necessity were gathered with help of youth from the neighborhood especially. He never looked back until the materials were delivered. Read More>>