Natural Calamity

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Natural Calamity

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Kurian was very active in the time of natural calamities, irrespective of the region. For him, action was instant. Collection of food, dress, medicines anything else of necessity were gathered with help of youth from the neighborhood especially. He never looked back until the materials were delivered.

Whenever natural calamities such as earth quake, flood and famine occured, Kurian would visit the site with emergency aid such as clothes, food, medicine and money collected from Vypin Island. No one refuses Kurian’s genuine request to help the needy. Some of the major disaster relief Kurian undertook included flood relief in Patna (Bihar), Bangladeshi refugee relief (Indo-Bangladesh border near Calcutta), and earthquake relief in Lathur (Maharashtra).

On his trip to Bangladesh in 1971, Kurian stopped at Calcutta and visited Mother Teresa with contributions to help the needy at Missionaries of Charity facilities.

Chenkal Chula Stormstorm

As part of emergency disaster management effort, along with like minded youth, Kurian would arrange to accommodate locally, the affected people at different schools and give them food and medicine until government relief and recovery arrived.

Vietnam & Bengaladesh

When natural disasters struck Vietnam and Bangladesh, Kurian’s action was instant. He gathered relief materials, especially medicines with the help of his collaborators and carried the same to Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Bihar & Bombay

Sarvodayam Kurian carried relief materials which he collected from the public and had it delivered to the victims. He always journeyed by train or by bus. If the materials were above the limit to carry, the same was shipped by cargo. He made sure to meet the on site relief workers and their team

Andhra and Shimoga


Whenever and wherever natural calamities struck, Kurian did not waste time to visit places like Andhra, Shimoga and Lathoor and shared his feelings with the affected people. As usual Kurian was blessed with the generosity of his local community of Vypin Island. The fund collected was delivered to the relief fund organized by the Kerala Sate authorities or the team at the site

Illicit liquor Tragedy

Though, every now and then, people die due to the consumption of illicit liquour, one of the worst ever liquor tragedy happened in Vypin Island during the Onam (harvest festival) celebrations in 1982. It killed 78 people, blinded 63, crippled 15 and nearly 650 families were reduced to penury.
As the tragic news reached Kurian, he did not wait for government action. As he always believed in instant action, he hired an auto-rickshaw fixed two loud speakers on top of the auto (one facing front and the other facing back) and drove through every nook and corner of 21 km long and 3 km wide Vypin Island announcing that victims be given Indian Made Foreign Liquor as first aid. This unorthodox but scientifically effective antidote followed by proper medical assistance saved hundreds of lives that day

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