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In passion for the welfare of children and mothers, Kurian contributed a 15 bed children’s ward and a 15 bed Maternity Ward to the Nararkkal Government Hospital. In total there are three 15 bed wards (45beds in total) at Narakkal funded from Kurien’s personal earnings. They were handed over to the Health Ministry, Govt.of Kerala with full administration rights. Kurian also Contributed a piece of land to the neighbouring Island of Kadamakkudy for the purpose of building a hospital ward.

There are four hospital wards i Vypin Island built and handed over to the government of Kerala by Kurian who met all expenses of building them from his hard earnings.

Sheryl’s Ward

Kurian’s Ward

Kurien’s first ward was inagurated by then Government of Kerala Minister Honoreble T.K. Ramakrishna Rao and the same ward’s foundation stone was laid by one of the under privilaged man from Vypin Island. Successive wards were also done in similar manner with Ministers and ordinary people from the area.

Kurian made it a point daily to visit all the wards and offer his services including cleaning of toilets and hospital compound with the help of local youth who still recall and cherish the days with Kurian.

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