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Kurian instituted a Gold Medal for the top scorer in the school final examinations (SSLC 10th grade) from 15 plus High Schools in Vypin Island. Begun in 1962, the annual award event still continues. The topper is recognized in one of the major functions due on the Island immediately after the results. In addition Kurian visits the winner’s school to attend the morning assembly and address both students and staff. Kurian is a regular visitor to the schools on the Island, to meet both students and teachers, and appreciate their contributions towards the society. Kurian is still remembered for his vibrant speeches which always ended with the slogan shouting: Bharath Matha Ki – Jai (Mother India – Hail)!
The Indian Soldiers (Javans) who participated in Indo- China, Indo – Pakistan, and Kargil wars were recognized by Kurian who organized felicitation meetings for them with the help of the Island youth. A friend to all, Kurian always harnessed the support of the Islanders both young and old.

Kurian was a regular guest in all functions of the society and at family events with or without invitation. He always made sure to speak a few words in appreciation.

The award cherished most by Kurian was a Twenty Rupee note received from a small boy. Kurian won many local, national and international awards. Noted among them are:


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